Our Vision: Shaping the Future

Innovations are the basis to our success. We view ourselves as pioneers who set trends and are committed to actively configuring the future. The central idea for the foundation of our company was to bring Mathematical Optimization into application, thus, making complex processes manageable. At present we support our customers in the areas Mathematical Optimization, System Development and System Testing. At the sites Regensburg and Munich, our teams focus on technology consulting and software development.

Dr. Thomas Husslein

Dr. Thomas Husslein is one of the co-founders of OptWare and has been working as its managing director right from the start. At the age of 28, he obtained a PHD in physics in the area Monte-Carlo simulations excelling with his unique expertise in the utilization of modern mathematical algorithms to provide solutions to practical issues. His main scope of work is the general management of OptWare, its strategy development and controlling. He is committed to the goal to provide his customers and co-workers with continuous stability and safety by creativity and growth. Dr. Husslein in person is a source of professional inspiration and a place of continuous development for Optware.

Thomas Pfadenhauer

Thomas Pfadenhauer has been managing director of OptWare since 2005. Already during his study course of theoretical physics he developed a fascination for mathematical optimization envisioning its potential. Since that time he has been launching different roles and functions of OptWare, while successfully promoting the expansion of OptWare. Stimulated by various optimization projects in the automotive industry, he has been developing the business area “Vehicle & Systems” from 2003 to 2015; he also built up the site in Munich. In 2012 he transitioned to the headquarters in Regensburg and is now the head of Accounting and Legal. In addition he is supervising the division »Business Analytics« since April 2016.

Dr. Joerg Breidbach

Dr. Joerg Breidbach is OptWare’s head of the areas “Optimization  and Software Development“. After graduation and promotion in physics, he found in OptWare the ideal mix between mathematical research activity and the application of modern optimization algorithms in the industry.

In his function, Dr. Breidbach signs responsible for the strategic and sales orientation of his business area and coordinates our research cooperation. With his teaching position at the OTH Regensburg, he effectively brings research and application closer to each other.