Mathematical Optimization

Numerical Solution Processes

Optimization has the objective to operate complex systems with optimum parameters. We apply numerical solution processes to a computer-simulated model, copy of the system in order to determine comprehensive optimum operating points.

... abstract complex Processes

While in the past data from simple stock measurements were sufficient, nowadays multiple influence factors have to be considered in the planning process. By forming abstract models, we make the systems “analytically tangible”. Simulations allow us to play “what if“ scenarios and analysis functions create a deep understanding of contexts which is indispensable for user acceptance and, finally, crucial for the implementation of improvement measures.

... for individual Solutions!

We render optimization services for your systems and processes – from the consultant study to the implementation of customized solutions.

“Complex processes are basically found in every modern company. Our objective is to master and to optimize these processes.“


  • Efficiency enhancement by mathematic optimization
  • Perfect adjustment of production processes
  • Tailor-made planning and process software for each company
  • Integrated sales and production planning in the automotive industry
  • Customized solutions for the client’s individual optimization tasks