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We take you to the forefront of digitalization

Intelligize core processes
Optimize your competitiveness
Industry 4.0 / 5.0

Optimization - a company task

Mastering complexity
Empowerment for optimization
Deliver better decisions

More than 23 years of experience

More than 9000 active users on any continent
We offer support plans up to 365/24/7
Our partners include several multinationals

Become future ready

Get the best algorithms in optimization
We invest 10+ % of our revenue in R&D
We provide services for AI, Optimization and Cloud

Pioneer Quantum Computing

Develop quantum solution approach
Active quantum computing research
Boost planning and decision performance

Turn key software delivery

Fast an economic delivery
Platforms and libraries
End to end responsibility



Accurate data basis for planning and control

We prepare, manage and monitor our customers‘ data infrastructure and implement effective analytics and visualization solutions.

Optimized for everyday’s business

Thousands of planners at OEM’s and suppliers make better decisions with our deeply integrated and easy to use planning tools.

Smooth IT-processes and operations

We provide up to 365/24/7 support and maintenance for our solutions on any continent.

Top algorithmic performance

We find and fit models and algorithms for every business situation. We develop hybrid AI and optimization approaches and establish quantum readiness.

Our Business Units

Our software completely follows your workflow

Automation, Business and industrial process workflow optimisation, software development concept on virtual screen.

Mathematical Modeling and Optimization

Mastery of the most complex planning processes.

We close the gap in the customer’s knowledge of mathematical optimization algorithms and their correct use.

Our customers entrust us with their innermost core processes

Digital software development concept

Planning Software and Operations

We conceive, design and develop modern software for your company and support you where you are unique.

Delimitation of standard software and individual replacement of previous isolated solutions with centrally hosted solutions that meet your specific requirements.

Business Analytics

With us, you can successfully handle your complex data structures. We master the technologically advanced methods to show you all your potentials.

This enables you to make the best decisions on a sound basis.


Current top performance is no guarantee of future success. We invest more than 8% of our turnover in researching new technologies in optimization, AI and software development, and cooperate with renowned universities and institutes.


We guide you through the necessary steps to find solutions for your issues in the area of production and logistics.

You benefit from our more than 20 years of experience with a wide variety of methods to master your challenges in the field of Industry 4.0 / 5.0.

Operations and Maintenance

We support more than 9000 active users of our planning systems on 3 continents.

Our core planning system runs autonomously for more than 8 years.

We offer support plans up to 365/24/7.

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